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Happy Holidays

It's that time of the year again. 'Tis the season to be jolly, even though your cokehead dad who got kicked out of the house and got a restraining order put on him sent you $200 so he can brag to his fellow overpaid unionmen that he sends you "lots of money" when your plane ticket alone costs $500 so you'll beg him for the extra $300 since your check doesn't come in till after the holidays and you're damn broke, but he still sends you only $200 more. So much for refusing to talk to him, eh? Oh well, money's money.

Anyways, I have my last final exam on the 20th, and then I have to be at the airport by 6:10am on the 21st, then I'll have to send my final transcripts (which will hopefully only be a few days after the final) to my native band so they'll continue funding me, even though they want the transcripts now, THIS is the ONLY way it can be done, so...

Anyways, first semester of uni went well. Took only three classes since there wasn't many available, ENG 1098, ENG 1100, and CRWR 1100. Daaaaamn overkill on the English. I like English, but that was more boring than Fallout 3- HEY OH! So next semester I'll be taking bio, chem, art and math.

Now some silly holiday doodles:

Me and a very feminine-looking Randy, acting all tough and ferocious while Snow-Slash rocks out in the background

and everyone's favorite cokehead reindeer, Rudolph!

Maaaaaaan, I'm tired.

Haven't slept in days and Leon's in Vegas for some business thing or something. Probably won't be back for like a week. Garr, I hope he comes online sometime


More bull****

My dad's a cokehead and a drunk. Today, on multiple occasions he has threatened to kill my mom, in which I told him to fuck himself. He tried to say that "It's not murder, I just wanna take her to Maui...or heaven", then he phoned her after the cops sent him out (yeah, they took our side this time. Asshole was being a stupid fuck and arguing about how he can handle doing his job after having a few beers earlier, which the cops highly disagreed with) saying that there's going to be no more threats, that he's just going to do it. My mom didn't even tell the cops he threatened her yet, I'm thinking I should just go to the police station and do it myself.

What would you rather listen to for 3 hours nonstop?

Will Smith
old fat people having sex

Someone stole my iPod today.

during PE class. It was in my pocket at the beginning of class, then it wasn't, it wasnt anywhere and it wasnt in the office either

America's fucked up

and this is one of the many examples why. even check out the comments

I do not see how shooting an unarmed 16 year old once in the head, and then leaving, and coming back with another gun and shooting him five more times in the abdomen while he is unconscious is self-defense.


I got a job.

Working at a fishery. Started off as a butcher, but now i'm shoveling ice because two guys got fired for throwing snowballs. It's supposed to be a higher paying job, and the other one was $14 an hour. Work times are 8am-8pm whenever they call

In other news, I cleaned up my friendlist and communities on LJ


Pigs will be Pigs

Okay, so anyways, in case you guys didn't know, my dad caused a lot of drama last month. There was a CCR-cover band concert down at the pub, and he got piss drunk, came home, trashed the house, stabbed a knife in the table, threw pills on the floor, and locked my mom outside for hours. The cops showing up was the biggest disappointment in my life. They could not possibly be any more useless. First of all, when the officer knocked at the door, he was bombarded with screaming and cursing, but my dad apologized when he found out who it was (I guess "Sorry, thought you were my family" is a good enough excuse these days). He asked seemingly important questions to us individually, but I really don't understand the point now. They almost refused to remove him from our house (the officer said that he could not kick him out of "his own house", but none of the bills and paperwork have his name on it, so it is not his house). Finally, after tons of talking, he drove my dad to his brother's place.
Today was not much different, although my dad didn't need to be drunk this time (he has some special undiagnosable illness where he is able to make himself act like a drunk without actually being drunk. Probably a mix of arrogance, assholism, and extreme self importance). Simply put, he was being a prick, and my mom told him to move out, in which he threw a massive temper tantrum. My mom took us for a long car ride. After a few hours of him refusing to leave and her threatening to call the cops on him, she did. She explained the whole situation about her wanting to separate, and him not leaving. The cops phoned her back and said that he can come and go as he pleases, because it is his house. My mother explained to him that it is not his house, none of the paperwork is signed in his name. The cops basically said that if my father breaks into our house and refuses to leave, they are not going to do anything about it, so we might as well just not call them

"To Protect and Serve"? How about "To Make My Quota With As Little Effort As Possible"? Call the police? How about just get a garbage bag and a shovel, and protect myself and my family from a deranged lunatic freak who has the mind of a psychopath and the attitude of a child? Surely that should be the job of an authority, but what are you supposed to do when you ask for help from someone who can help, and they just say "No, I don't want to"?


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